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The UAE Government Always Finds Innovative Ways And Schemes To Attract The World. UAE was The First GCC Country To Implement The Golden Visa Initiative In 2019.

The Dubai Golden Visa is your gateway to a world of opportunities. Whether you dream of working, studying, starting a business, or simply enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, this visa has you covered. Stay and thrive in the heart of innovation, with access to top-notch education, a dynamic job market, and a vibrant business environment. It’s not just a visa; it’s your ticket to making Dubai your home and unlocking a future filled with success and growth.

What is a Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa in Dubai is an exclusive residency program that offers foreign investors and their families the opportunity to live in the UAE. This visa is granted based on substantial financial investments, providing privileged access to the vibrant lifestyle and economic opportunities in Dubai. Anisha Group provides all the documents-clearing visa services.

Golden Visa Eligibility 

Investors: Individuals making substantial financial investments in Dubai’s economy are eligible.

Entrepreneurs: Those establishing or investing in businesses that contribute to the local economy can qualify.

Property Investors: Individuals making significant real estate investments may be eligible for the visa.

Skilled Professionals: Certain professionals with specialised skills and expertise that align with Dubai’s strategic growth sectors may qualify.

Outstanding Students: Exceptional students with outstanding academic achievements may also be eligible.

Dubai Golden Visa Requirements

Investment Options: Obtain a Dubai Golden Visa by investing in real estate, business, or a designated fund.

Financial Criteria: Meet the specified financial thresholds, demonstrating the ability to contribute significantly to the Dubai economy.

Valid Investments: Ensure that investments align with government-approved sectors to qualify for the Golden Visa.

Documentation: Provide necessary documents, including proof of investment, financial statements, and a valid passport.

Long-Term Residency: Fulfil criteria for long-term residency to enjoy the benefits of Dubai’s Visa program.

Application Process

Application nomination

Our experts guide you through eligibility, document submission, and biometrics, ensuring a smooth process for extended residency in Dubai.


Anisha group helps you integrate all the necessary documents you will need to submit to apply for your visa

Get your golden visa in Dubai

Following the submission of the application and documents, the relevant authorities will review the submission. Upon approval, the visa is then issued to the individual.


Residency Security

Visa provides a secure, long-term residency in a foreign country, offering stability and peace of mind.

Business Opportunities

Unlock new business prospects and investments in the host country, fostering economic growth.

Access to Education and Healthcare

Enjoy access to quality education and healthcare facilities for you and your family members.

Global Mobility
Facilitate hassle-free international travel, making it easier to explore other countries and cultures.

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Need help?
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