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What do you mean by PRO services?

PRO is the short form of Public Relations Officer . PRO services when it comes to UAE is more focused towards Government related and legal transactional assistance services. It is not necessary that an organisation employs a PRO for their company and if they do then the person does not need to know everything related to the rules and regulations in the region which may be relevant for the organisation needs.
In these scenarios, the organisations seek expert assistance to carry out their government process timely and efficiently ensuring all the legalities are as per noms.
We also offer annual agreements with Enterprises, SME and SMB in scenarios where the organisation doesn’t have the capacity to hire a dedicated resource for themselves due to various reasons. Few common reasons that we come across are – No Head Count Approved, cost cutting or they prefer not to increase the internal employees and rather outsource the services etc.

Anisha Document Clearing Services ( Part of Anisha Group ) navigate the complexities of regulations, ensuring your business thrives with seamless setup, compliance, and growth.

We guide you through the important legal steps required by the Department of Economic Development (DED), helping with things like renewing licenses, visas, labor agreements, and immigration requirements. Anisha Document Clearing Services  makes sure your business starts well and runs smoothly as you go through your entrepreneurial journey.

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Need help?
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Different PRO Services:

Employee Visas Processing :

Streamlining visa applications for a hassle-free experience for employees moving or joining the workforce

Employment Labour Cards :

Dubai’s labour cards streamline employment, ensuring legal compliance and worker protection in the dynamic and bustling job market of the UAE

Family Residency Visas & Renewals :

Providing assistance in renewing family residency visas, and facilitating seamless relocation and stay.

Visa Cancellations :

Making it easier to cancel visas when needed, and making sure we follow the rules.

Renewal/Modification of the Trading Licence :

Getting expert help to renew or change trading licences is important for keeping your business running smoothly.

Immigration Card :

Taking care of the immigration card process, an important document for people living in the country, whether they’re locals or expatriates

NOCs from Government Bodies :

Getting No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from government offices, dealing with the necessary paperwork for business activities

Personalized PRO Services

  1. Approvals from government agencies 
  2. Approval of trade name
  3. Court Agreement Letter/ Notary
  4. UAE Business License Services
  5. Certificate attestation 
  6. Contract Clearance
  7. Labor department paperwork
  8. Immigration department paperwork
  9. Economic department paperwork
  10. Municipality paperwork


Department of Economic Development
Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Labour
UAE Embassy
Judicial Courts Authorities
Immigration & Naturalization Department
Roads and Transport Authority
General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs