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  • Driver and Vehicle Services:
      • Licence Renewal: Simplified online services for renewing driving licences.
      • Vehicle Registration Renewal: Renewing vehicle registration services online.
      • Traffic Fines Inquiry and Payment: Checking and payment of traffic fines online.
  • Public Transportation Services:
      • NOL Card Services: Managing and recharging NOL cards for public transportation.
      • Public Transport Timetables: Accessing and checking schedules at convenient timings for buses and the Dubai Metro.
  • Vehicle Ownership and Transactions:
      • Transfer of Ownership: Initiating and completing the transfer of vehicle ownership online.
      • Salik Services: Managing Salik (electronic toll collection) accounts and transactions online.
  • Parking Services:
      • Parking Permit Services: Applying for and managing parking permits.
      • Payment for Parking: Paying for parking services through online platforms.
  • Commercial Services:
      • Taxi Booking Services: Utilising online platforms for booking taxis and managing taxi-related services.
      • Commercial Licensing Services: Applying and managing licences for commercial transportation services.
  • Navigating Smart Apps:
    • Smart Apps: The RTA provides various smart applications for smartphones, allowing users to access a range of services to operate from and information on the go.
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