This package is for renewing a running tourist visa or obtaining a new one for travel to the UAE, with the option for a 60 or 30-day visa change by bus service. It is popular among Asian nationals, excluding Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Africans. Anisha Travel and Tourism Dubai will assist with transportation to Dubai by bus once the visa is granted. They will also guide you through obtaining the visa in a timely and legal manner.

Package Includes Visa Change By Bus 2 Bus

  • Dubai Visa processing
  • Return transfer to Dubai ( Bus 2 Bus )
  • Dubai visa
  • Oman Via

Documents Required for 60/30 Days Visa change by Bus Service

• Scanned colored passport copy, last and first page.
• A passport has to be valid for more than six months.
• Scanned colored photo, passport size.
• Last tourist visa copy

Terms and Conditions

• Visa Approval Depends upon immigration