Get answers to common questions about exploring Georgia, from safety considerations and visa requirements to must-try Georgian dishes and the prevalence of English speakers. Plan your trip with confidence and enjoy the diverse experiences this captivating country has to offer.

Georgia Safe for UAE Travelers?

Yes, Georgia is generally considered safe for travelers. However, it’s always advisable to stay updated on local news and follow recommended safety precautions.

What is the Name of Local Currency?

The currency used in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL).

Do I Require Georgia Visa?

Citizens of many countries, including the USA and EU member states, can visit Georgia visa-free for short stays. However, it’s advisable to check the specific visa requirements based on your nationality before traveling.

If you’re a UAE resident, you can also visit Georgia visa-free for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This waiver is applicable for tourism, business, and cultural visits. However, it’s recommended to carry your UAE residency permit, a valid passport, and any necessary supporting documents to ensure a smooth entry process upon arrival in Georgia. Always stay updated on any changes in visa regulations before planning your trip.

What are the Georgian Best dishes?

Indulge in Georgia’s culinary delights with must-try dishes like khachapuri, a cheese-filled bread masterpiece, and khinkali, flavorful dumplings that are a staple of Georgian cuisine.

Are English speakers common in Georgia?

While English is not as widely spoken as in some other countries, you can often find English speakers in tourist areas and larger cities.

What type of weather can I expect in Georgia?

Georgia experiences a diverse climate. Tbilisi has warm summers and mild winters, while mountainous regions can have heavy snowfall in winter, offering a range of weather experiences for travelers.

Are there any cultural events or festivals to experience?

Yes, Georgia hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Tbilisi Jazz Festival and Alaverdi Monastery celebration, providing opportunities to immerse in local traditions and engage with the vibrant Georgian culture.

Must visit places or locations on the Georgia tour

Explore an array of captivating places on your Georgia tour, from the vibrant streets of Tbilisi to the serene coastal beauty of Batumi. Immerse yourself in history at Uplistsikhe and indulge in the wine culture of Kakheti for a truly enriching journey.

What outdoor activities and adventure opportunities are available in Georgia?

Georgia offers a plethora of outdoor adventures, including hiking in Kazbegi National Park, exploring the Caucasus Mountains, and enjoying water sports on the Black Sea. From trekking to paragliding, the country’s diverse landscapes provide endless opportunities for adrenaline enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Are Georgia people-friendly?

Yes, Georgian people are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness, making visitors feel welcome and at ease during their stay.